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Dojo wine1

Dojo wine1

dojo.wine() March 28th 2009 in Würzburg

(just another dojo.beer() this time ;) )


Mayflower GmbH
Pleichertorstraße 2,
97070 Würzburg
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  • 12:00 Arrival, Food
  • 13:00 Gathering topics and evaluating to determine a schedule
  • 13:30 Speakers have the word ...

Topics with Speakers

  • JavaScript Entwicklung und deren Professionalisierung - uxebu
  • Dojo und Gears - uxebu
  • DOM manipulation, performance, tips und tricks - uxebu
  • F**k me i am famous. Über die Wehwehchen die Javascript/CSS in Hochlast/Trafficumgebungen verursacht. - Chip Xonio Online
  • "Solve my problem" Bring your dojo problem and we will try to solve them in real time - all the experts around
  • Behind the new "Dojo client-side API viewer", insights, some history and the future about http://dojodocs.uxebu.com/ - uxebu
  • TapestryJFly the natural way of integrating dojo into J2EE - Andrea Chiumenti - Wings Tech (Italy)
  • dojo.data, stores and widgets - uxebu

Feel free to contribute!!!

Topics that would be nice to hear something about

Enter what you like to hear


  1. Wolfram Kriesing uxebu
  2. Nikolai Onken uxebu
  3. Tobias von Klipstein uxebu
  4. David Leonardi
  5. Thomas Bollig globalpark
  6. Gero Duppel globalpark
  7. Jason Easter http://mayflower.de http://phpug-wuerzburg.de
  8. Stephanie Ehrling http://mayflower.de
  9. Guest of Stephanie Ehrling
  10. Tobias Schlüter http://mayflower.de
  11. Rene Treffer http://mayflower.de
  12. Marius Metzler http://mayflower.de
  13. Thomas Steur http://mayflower.de
  14. Nina Schmitt http://mayflower.de
  15. Sebastian Schürmann http://www.chip.de/c1_impressum/c1_impressum_13396213.html
  16. Steffen Hartmann
  17. Stefan Zaunseder
  18. Christoph Hautzinger http://fuf.de
  19. Ron Fellmann http://fuf.de
  20. Markus Geiger http://mayflower.de
  21. Nicole Ignaciuk
  22. Marc van Woerkom http://mayflower.de
  23. Manfred Ursprung
  24. Thoralf Müller http://mayflower.de
  25. Andrea Chiumenti - Wings Tech
  26. Francesco Crippa - Byte-Code
  27. Michael Kleinschmitz
  28. Michele Catalano http://mayflower.de
  29. Aron Homberg http://mayflower.de
  30. Stefan Giehl http://mayflower.de
  31. Oliver Hoch
  32. Nicola Rizzo
  33. Burkhard Ritter

Attendees maybe

  1. Christian Fraunholz http://mayflower.de

Please add yourself, so we can calculate the number of people, thank you.

Accommodation suggestions (and distance from location)

Some impressions




Talks given

  • Introduction to Dojo - Nikolai Onken, uxebu
    • Slides


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