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Welcome on the dojo.beer page.
Here we try to keep you informed about the latest dojo gatherings under the name of "dojo.beer" (including various other kinds of drinks).

What is dojo.beer?

dojo.beer() is an unconference/barcamp-like event, where everybody who comes can give input and participate. Either in the

Who should join?

dojo.beer/wine/another-drink() is centered around the javascript toolkit dojo. No matter if you are a novice or an expert there will always be something interesting you can learn. If you have not touched AJAX or JavaScript yet, you might come here and find people who can get you started much smoother and show you the best ways to use it.
So, we are mostly developers gathering here, but we don't exclude nobody. If you think this can be interesting for you or you want to support dojo or the community with whatever other efforts like marketing, documentation or something else you are just as welcome and we would be glad to broaden the scope of the dojo.beer.
We are looking forward to see you at the next dojo.beer/wine/whatever() :-)

What's the schedule?

dojo.beer() is scheduled around every 3-4 months a year, may be we do it more often or less, there is no fixed schedule. We organize it on demand and whenever something interesting comes up or whenever we feel like.

My dojo.beer?

You want to hold a dojo.beer() too? Go ahead. Going by the open source motto "use, inspire and contribute" we can surely assist you in starting something like this and provide you with contacts or information. It would be nice seeing more dojo.beer()s take place.

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